Boston, MA – 6/18

We had an amazing time in the Midwest and now we’re taking it Northeast! Join Unlikely Hikers founder, Jenny Bruso, on the Good Things Tour! Sponsored by, Merrell. Unlikely Hikers creates more inclusive, supportive, intentional, body-liberating outdoor experiences for people of all genders and identities. We hike slowly together as a group––no hiker left behind! We’ll provide some post-hike refreshments and all of our participants will receive swag and have the chance to win great prizes from UH & Merrell! Come share in the Good Things with us!

Leaders: UH founder, Jenny Bruso (she/they)

DATE: Sunday, June 18th

TIME: 10am — time could change depending on temperature!

LOCATION: Blue Hills Reservation — about 10~ miles from downtown Boston.

TRAIL STATS: about 3 miles, 250~ feet elevation gain, loop

FULL EVENT DETAILS + TRAIL INFO + DIRECTIONS + PARKING + MEET-UP SPOT provided via confirmation email. Our events are in very high demand and we can’t run the risk of exceeding group size limits because of folks showing up without registering. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Your registration is a commitment to joining. This is not a placeholder. We probably have a waitlist of folks who would love your spot.
  • No plus-ones. Your adult friends & family must register themselves.
  • All communication and further information is via – No social media DMs.
  • This is not one of our Accessible hikes.
  • While we no longer require masks while outside, we encourage you to bring one as a best practice. If you are someone who feels most comfortable wearing a mask at all times, or most of the time, we support you.
  • Eat breakfast, bring snacks & hydrate.

DOGS: leashed dogs with decent manners are welcome (no jumping, no aggression, manageable anxiety, etc.) If your dog doesn’t 100% fit this bill, but you are certain you can manage them in this highly stimulating environment, you are welcome to bring them. Mutual respect for the boundaries of other hikers and their dogs is paramount. Please do not assume that other hikers or their dogs will want to interact with your dog. Ask for consent. Before we begin our hike, we will ask you to share any important information about your dog with the group.

KIDS: we welcome 1 vaccinated child per person. They must be declared on your registration form below so we can maintain the headcount and they must have hiking experience. Though we love kids, our events are not designed to be kid-friendly. We often discuss topics that may be considered more mature and while we celebrate going at a very slow pace, very young kids often want to do things their own way which can affect group dynamics. Proof of child’s vax required.

Registration form

Please note before hitting “send”: 1. You will receive confirmation of registration in 3-5 days. Keep an eye on your spam & social folders just in case it is filtered out. Registrations received within a week of the hike will be processed faster. 2. Your registration is a commitment to joining. This is not a placeholder. We probably have a waitlist of folks who would love your spot. 3. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination & at least one booster are required to participate.