Carpool Form

We’re experimenting with reintroducing carpooling after a few years of putting it on pause. We deeply care about making transportation more accessible for our hikers as well as getting more cars off the road and creating more space at trailheads. Bear with us as we navigate and tweak this process to make it as smooth as possible!

This form is for people who have received official confirmation of registration for a specific group hike. If you have not received confirmation, please do not fill this out.

Here’s how the process goes: after receiving your registration confirmation for a group hike with UH, you have 3 days to fill out this form. After the 3rd day, within 1-2 days, UH will send out a group email to all of the interested carpoolers to organize yourselves based on the info you’ve provided. This is a process that requires timely communication. You must be able to respond to emails in your carpool group within 2 days. Check your spam and social folders for emails that may get filtered out!

Important notes:

  • After we put you in touch with your carpool group, UH is no longer a part of the process. We’ll give you helpful tips to ease the process, but it’s up to you to organize yourselves. We don’t have the team support to rematch people if a ride falls through or to troubleshoot issues. By filling out this form, you are assuming this risk.
  • The info you share on the form will be shared with your carpool group.
  • It’s possible that drivers will want their riders to meet at a central location as opposed to picking folks up at their houses. You’ll be responsible for getting yourself to the meet-up location.
  • In the event that we don’t have enough drivers, we’ll be unable to organize carpools. If this affects your ability to join, please let us know via email (no social media DMs) immediately:
  • If you don’t live in the same city/town as your driver/rider, it’s very likely we will not be able to match you.