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Unlikely Hikers is a body-liberating, anti-racist outdoor community telling a different story about the outdoors and about who is outdoorsy than what we generally see portrayed on social media and by brands. We are elevating the voices of everyone who is less represented, from those who are new to outdoor adventure, to those who don’t fit the status quo. This includes Fat & Plus-Size identified people, Black & Indigenous people, People of Color, folks with Disabilities, the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+ adventurers, neurodiverse/neurodivergent people and beyond. We believe everyone has a unique story about their relationship to Nature.

We are so grateful to include a bit of your story. Please note that all features are subject to light editing for clarity and length. If we have any questions, we’ll reach out to you!

Please no weight loss stories or body negativity. We are a body-positive community and while we respect wherever you’re at with your relationship with your body, we do not promote body-negative messaging.

Tips and topics for great features:

You are welcome to say whatever you want about your relationship with outdoors. The following tips are simply suggestions based on things we see our community connect with most. Take what works for you, leave what doesn’t.

  • Share as much about your personal identities as you want to. Representation and shared lived experience means so much to our diverse community.
  • Be as vulnerable as you feel comfortable being. Vulnerability gives people the chance to connect to your story.
  • You may write as much as you want, but please bear in mind that we generally keep our features to about 150-200 words. Anything longer will be edited down for length. Preserving your voice is our main priority.
  • Your feature does not need to be about hiking! It just needs to be about your relationship to the outdoors.
  • What does your outdoor life look like?
  • How do your identities inform your time outside?
  • What does it mean to you to be an Unlikely Hiker, or unlikely adventurer/snowboarder/rock climber/runner/etc.? It’s ok if this doesn’t resonate with you! The words “Unlikely Hikers” aren’t literal. We all belong outside.
  • What does the outdoors do for you?
  • When did your outdoor life/relationship to the land begin? What has changed since?

If “no,” please send 1-3 photos of your choice to asap. See photo notes below for help.

Photo tips:

  • People want to see YOU. Photo must be face-forward with your face and full-body clearly in view. Our followers tend to bypass photos of folks who are teeny specks in an epic view.
  • Photo should clearly show you in the outdoors doing what you love.
  • Selfie-style photos, meaning photos we take of ourselves while holding our phones/camera, tend to get filtered out by the algorithm, but it’s ok if that’s all you’ve got!
  • Portrait style (4×5, 3×4 size) photos do best as opposed to landscape (wider shots) photos.
  • Take a look at our Instagram feed for guidance.